10 Best Lights For Sewing in 2024

Sewing is an excellent crafting skill. It allows you to make some personalised objects for your home and it also keeps your mind active. Your mind gets healthier and sharper if you sew frequently. It improves your creative thinking and helps you find new ways of crafting clothes and decorating the house.

You must try sewing to develop self-discipline and a sense of accomplishment. Proper lighting will make it a more fun activity and you can continue it without illuminating the entire room !

The best sewing light will allow you to work when you are free during the night. It will provide ample visibility and reduce strain when you are running the sewing machine. The right light can eliminate eye fatigue and help you work longer without affecting the outcome.

So, what type of sewing lamp you should buy? What features you must consider buying a sewing light ? Continue reading to find which are some of the best sewing lights available in an affordable price range !

What Problems You May Face Due To Improper Lighting While Sewing Clothes?

Why invest in a sewing lamp when a regular night lamp can do the job? It won’t help you at all. Improper lighting can create many issues and you may eventually quit sewing. It happened to many DIY enthusiasts. Professionals also experience the following issues due to improper lighting.

  • It affects productivity

Good lighting results in better productivity. If there is improper lighting, it can significantly affect the user’s productivity levels. A perfectly illuminated sewing space allows you to work more efficiently. You do not struggle to find tools and you can run the machine much faster with accuracy.

Suppose your work area is located in the basement, it will lack proper lighting throughout the day. A simple light bulb cannot provide what sewing work demands a flawless job. The risk of mistakes will increase and it may cause irritation and frustration.

  • It can trigger health issues

How bad lighting can trigger health issues ? You may probably be familiar with eye fatigue and strain if you work in bad light conditions. Poor lighting triggers the eye fatigue problem. You try your best to work in poor lighting conditions and it causes severe discomfort.

You may not realize it, but poor lighting can lead to poor posture. It can cause issues, such as a sore neck, headache, lower back pain, shoulder issues and more. You can sit straight and work efficiently when the workspace is illuminated properly. It eliminates the risk of health issues and you can sew for a longer duration.

  • Sewing Mistakes

You will pick the right fabric, thread and color when there is ample lighting in the workspace. Suppose you are working in bad lighting conditions, you may pick the wrong color thread or you may not cut the fabric perfectly. It will affect the appearance and build quality of the final product.

Even seasoned tailors can make various mistakes in bad lighting conditions. Therefore, they install various bulbs and sewing lamps to operate flawlessly and craft the required product faster.

  • Safety issues

You will use needles, scissors and other tools to cut and sew clothes. Good lighting conditions allow you to keep all the tools and fabric arranged. Bad lighting conditions can lead to injury. Things like needles may not be visible if accidentally fall on the floor.

Newbies can also injure their figures while cutting clothes with scissors or other sharp tools. Get the best sewing light and you can significantly reduce the risk of injuries. Besides, you will have a well-arranged space for sewing.

You can avoid all issues associated with poor lighting if you invest in high-quality sewing floor lamps. So, let’s find out how to shortlist the best lamps for sewing and crafting work.

Things to Assess When Searching For The Best Sewing Lights

Finding the best light for sewing will be a lot easier if you assess the following things:

Type of bulb used in the light

The most widely used sewing lights come with the following three types of bulbs:

  • Incandescent bulb

Incandescent bulbs have been around for many decades. We all have used this type of bulb in our houses because they used to be the primary option in light bulbs.

An incandescent bulb emits yellowish light and it can also get pretty hot. This bulb can emit consistent light, but its output is not quite high. Sewing lights equipped with incandescent bulbs may look like decorative night lamps.

It has a very low lifespan in comparison to other advanced light bulbs. Incandescent light bulbs are much cheaper, but they consume a lot more power than other alternatives. It won’t be a wise decision to choose a sewing light equipped with this type of bulb.

It will keep the work area warm, but it will increase your power bills. Besides, you may need to change this light bulb more frequently than other types of bulbs. So, avoid lights equipped with incandescent light bulbs.

  • Halogen bulb

You can look for sewing lights equipped with halogen bulbs if you are looking for brighter lights. These bulbs are less yellowish and much brighter than incandescent bulbs. You can natural and less contrasting light through such lights. They are quite effective when it comes to reducing eye fatigue. Besides, reading and working become much easier in halogen lights.

Halogen lights are good at emitting natural-like light, but they also make the work area warm. These are less energy-efficient lights and therefore many people avoid them.

  • LED bulbs

LED lights have become people’s favorite bulbs to illuminate workspace, homes, industries, and industries. LEDs are more reliable, cooler and power-efficient than the other two types of bulbs.

You get cool and white light from LED lamps. They are more eco-friendly and budget-friendly as well. You will not need to replace the LED light for years. Some sewing lights also come with anti-glare technology to help you work much longer during the evening time.

You should limit your search to LED bulb-equipped sewing lights if you want to invest in a good sewing light.

The design of the sewing light

Consider one of the following three types of light designs when looking for sewing light!

  • Floor lamp

A floor lamp should be your top choice if you do not want to keep the light source over the sewing machine. Popular floor lamps are equipped with 22-60” long poles. The pole remains fixed on a stable base and the light is attached to the top end of the lamp.

Floor lamps are versatile lights. You can use them for study, crafting, sewing and doing other activities on the table. They remain stable when you run the machine and the light does not flicker due to the table’s movement.

If you want a dedicated source of light near the sewing machine, buy the floor lamp. It will allow you to move your hands more freely and manage the fabric more efficiently.

  • Table lamp or desk lamp

Desk lamps are portable alternatives to floor lamps. They are much smaller in size and designed to illuminate the workspace on a desk. Modern desk lamps come with a solid base and you can place them anywhere on the table.

These are lightweight lights and they are not as stable as floor lamps are. Suppose your machine vibrates when you sew, the lamp will also move. It can be a weird experience, especially if the desk lamp is too light.

It is an affordable alternative to floor lamps. You should buy the desk lap if your sewing machine does not vibrate too much. It will cover some of the available workspaces. So, you need a wide table to place the lamp.

  • Attachable lamps

These are probably the lightest lamps you can find to light up the workspace. These lamps are small and equipped with bright LED lights. You can easily adjust their position and illuminate a limited work area to get a better outcome.

Attachable lamps come with a robust clamp that you can attach to the edge of the table. Once the lamp is attached perfectly, turn it on and position it perfectly over your workspace. Its bright white light will soothe your eyes and you will prevent common sewing mistakes.

Unlike old-school night lamps, modern desk and floor lamps come with batteries. So, you can use them during a power outage and complete the sewing projects on time

Neck type

Sewing lights come with two types of necks, which are as described below :

  • Gooseneck lamps

These lights come with a flexible neck that you can easily adjust over the work table. Most high-quality desk lamps come with gooseneck. Being flexible, they can easily illuminate spots away from the base of the lamp. You should buy sewing lights with a gooseneck top if you want to focus on different areas over the table.

  • Regular lamps

This type of sewing light comes with a rigid top. You can focus on the light with limited adjustment. It may not move too far from the base because it does not come with a flexible neck.

If you are not going to move the light frequently to different positions, you should go for the second option. Pick the light with the first neck type if you will keep it focused on the same spot while sewing.

Does it have brightness control ?

If you got a sewing light with a brightness control feature, it will help you pick light intensity that comforts your eyes. You can find some lights with a dimmer switch. Touch the switch and the light can get dimmer or brighter.

Lights that lack brightness control are also useful, especially if you work during the night time. The sewing experience won’t be that smoother but you will get the job done.

Is it portable ?

Portable sewing lamps are much better because you can use them for sewing, studying, crafting and other jobs. Top-quality portable sewing lights come with rechargeable batteries. Unbox them and they are ready to light up your workspace.

Some lights also come with power adapters. You have to plug in that adapter to turn on the light. Depending on your needs, you can pick corded or battery-powered sewing lights for your home or shop

Does the light come with a magnifier ?

Some top-rated sewing lights come with a magnifier that makes intricate sewing much easier. You can position the magnifier between the fabric and your eyesight to get a better view of the targeted spot.

If you can do hand sewing, cross stitching and embroidery without a magnifier, a simple sewing light will do the job. Choose a sewing light with a magnifier if you want to complete the sewing work flawlessly.

Best Lights for Sewing in 2022

1. Brightech Litespan Bright LED Floor Lamp

Brightech Litespan Sewing Light



Being a top-rated light for hobbyists, the Brightech LItespan Bright LED Floor emits 6000k cool white light to illuminate your workspace. You can use this light for sewing, crafting, painting, reading and wool work. It is tall and stable and a perfect pick to light up any workspace.

This bright LED lamp can reduce eye strain significantly because it provides the user with daylight spectrum white light. 2000 lumens output assures you can read and work for hours without experiencing the eye fatigue issue.

It is equipped with a 12 Watt LED light and Brightech assures a 20-year lifespan of that LED light. That’s a major perk of using LEDs and Brightech got the best bulb to help you save money. Unlike Halogen and incandescent bulbs, the Brightech LED is much cooler and more soothing!

This sewing light comes with a dimmable switch. You can reduce the brightness as per your requirements. This floor lamp comes with a weighted base that keeps the lamp stable, even when kids and pets are around. The long lifespan, advanced features and durable design make this floor lamp the best sewing light for hobbyists and professionals!


  • A power-efficient floor lamp equipped with a long-lasting LED bulb
  • Comes with a dimmable switch
  • Multiple color patterns


  • None

2. OttLite K94CP3 3-in-1 Adjustable-Height Craft Floor Lamp with Magnifier and Clip

OttLite Adjustable Height


It is a 24-watt craft floor lamp designed to illuminate the work desk for a flawless job. This 3-in-1 sewing light emits true colors without too much glare. Its cool light prevents eye strain and helps in improving your productivity.

You get a conversion kit in the package to turn this floor lamp into a stable clamp-on desk lamp. This sewing light has a flexible arm that can hold instructions, pictures and designs you have created on paper.

The main package includes a stable base, a pole, a clamp kit and a 24-watt LED light. Assembling this lamp is extremely simple. Suppose you want to use this LED lamp for studying or reading, you can assemble it as an over-the-table light. It is a reliable attachable lamp and one of the finest floor lamps for sewing. You will essentially get 3 lamps for the price of one sewing light. That’s why this product is extremely popular among hobbyists and pros.

Users, who want to complete intricate design and crafting work flawlessly, get a magnifier glass attached to the lamp. The OttLite K94CP3 is one of the finest OTT lights for sewing currently available on the market. Buy it now if seek a multipurpose lighting solution.


  • You get multiple color patterns to choose from
  • Equipped with a magnifying glass
  • 3-in-1 design
  • Power-efficient and customizable


  • You can’t adjust the brightness

3. Miroco LED Floor Lamp with 5 Brightness Levels & 3 Color Temperatures

Miroco LED Floor Lamp


If you are looking for a simple and affordable floor lamp for sewing, consider the Miroco LED Floor Lamp. It got an elegant and minimalistic design. It looks pretty simple, but it is a versatile light with some amazing customization features.

Although it is a floor lamp, you can remove the pole and use it as a desk lap. You can set it up behind your reading chair, sofa and at the corner of your sewing table. Its bright LED emits a bright light that illuminates the workspace perfectly and eliminates the risk of eye strain.

This floor lamp allows you to set up a timer by pressing the power button for two seconds. You can move the LED light to focus on a specific spot on the desk. Its gooseneck allows you to move the lamp seamlessly 30° in any direction you want. It has a 5 feet long cord that helps you place the floor lamp anywhere in the room without using an extension cable.

This floor lamp comes with a 12-watt LED light. 1815 lumens brightness and more than 50,000 hours of lifespan make this LED light quite reliable. Invest in this sewing light if you are searching for an affordable alternative to our top pick


  • 3 lighting modes
  • 5 brightness levels
  • Adjustable gooseneck
  • Built-in timer
  • 5-foot long power cable


  • None

4. Brightech LightView Pro Magnifying Floor Lamp

Brightech LightView Pro


It is another superb sewing light designed by Brightech for sewing and crafting. It comes with hands-free magnifying glasses and a flexible gooseneck. You can bend the gooseneck freely to point the light directly over the target spot.

It has an extra-wide lens that can magnify a full page of a book to make reading easier. You can use it to get a better view of stitching, designing, and embroidery. This floor lamp has helped technicians, painters, jewelers, tailors and other professionals in completing complex jobs without any mistakes.

It is equipped with 9W LED lights with 540 lumens. Brightech claims that LEDs have been designed to last up to 20 years. It is more expensive than some other sewing lights included in this list. However, 20,000 hours LED lifespan makes it one of the most reliable lights for sewing.

Brightech is offering this light with a 3-year warranty. This warranty covers the magnifying lens, LED lights and lamp. It has satisfied hundreds of buyers with its remarkable performance. You can also pick this floor lamp to sew during the nighttime under bright white light and protect your eyes.


  • Comes with a large rectangular magnifying lens
  • Equipped with a 24” flexible gooseneck
  • Customizable lamp height
  • A 3-year warranty


  • None

5. Daylight24 402071-15 Adjustable Beam LED Floor Lamp

Daylight24 LED Lamp


Daylight24 has designed this adjustable sewing fllor lamp to brighter light for sewing work. It emits whiter and natural daylight that helps users see colors more effectively. You get improved contrast to avoid mistakes and craft like a pro. This LED floor lamp emits cool and comforting light that does not affect the user’s eyes.

It got a unique design and you can customize the beam to focus better on both large and small spots. You can reduce the size of the light beam to increase its intensity and complete intricate design works flawlessly.

You won’t be putting extra strain on your neck when you got the Daylight24 402071 LED light. Its gooseneck allows you to move the light freely over the sewing machine. Its 5-watt high output LED light reduces your power consumption and provides much brighter light than CFLs and incandescent bulbs.

Sleek contemporary design, adjustable gooseneck, power-efficient LEDs and 52” long pole make it an exceptional alternative to old-school night lamps. Consider this floor lamp for sewing if you are looking for a beautiful sewing light


  • Equipped with the most flexible gooseneck
  • Smaller shade
  • One of the most stylish floor lamps available on the market
  • Designed to adjust the beam size to control the brightness


  • It is not the most affordable sewing lamp!

6. Verilux SmartLight LED Floor Lamp

Verilux LED Light


The Verilux SmartLight LED Floor Lamp is a reliable pick for studying, sewing, crafting and pursuing other hobbies. It offers healthy lighting to comfort your eyes, light up the workspace, and prevent health issues related to bad lighting.

It is a smart floor lamp and it provides flicker-free light. Its Optix glare control lens works efficiently to minimize the risk of eye fatigue. You can work much longer and complete the sewing project much faster if you got this LED floor lamp !

Being a full spectrum LED floor lamp, the Verilux SmartLight is much brighter than ordinary desk lamps. It reveals the true colors of objects and reduces the risk of errors when sewing, crafting, painting and working on other complex projects.

Users get five light intensity levels to choose from. There are 3 color temperature settings and this floor lamp can flawlessly imitate daylight ! Its sleek and modern design has impressed hundreds of hobbyists. They praise it for its impressive design, high-quality LEDs, durable structure and other glare control feature.


  • Equipped with a cutting-edge lens for glare control
  • Controls flickering efficiently
  • 3 color temperature
  • 5 brightness levels


  • None

7. OttLite 3-in-1 Craft Lamp

Ottlite Craft Floor Lamp


OttLite designs skillfully engineered lights to improve the work efficiency of professionals and hobbyists. Its craft lamps deliver natural daylight indoors to help users see everything with better clarity.

Vibrant colors are easily visible when the OttLite 3-in-1 Craft Lamp is illuminating the workspace. Its bright glaring light soothes eye muscles so that you can view the fabric, thread and colors effortlessly.

This craft lamp offers a 24-watt LED light. You can use the lamp as a floor lamp, desk lamp or attachable lamp. It got a magnifying glass that makes the targeted objects look larger for more detailed work.

The OttLite 3-in-1 Craft Lamp stands 63.75” tall when you are using it as a floor lamp. You can reduce its height to 45” to use it as a desk lamp. The manufacturer claims that LEDs can last much longer than 10,000 hours. Buy it now if you want to buy adjustable sewing light with such a long lifespan.


  • 18” long shade
  • Flexible neck
  • Emits natural daylight to reduce eye strain
  • Comes with a wide magnifying glass


  • None

8. Neatfi XL 2,200 Lumens LED Task Lamp with Clamp

Neatfi LED Lamp


This 24-watt LED Task Lamp emits a bright beam of soothing light. It comes with a multi-position head and it can produce 20 wide shades. You can easily adjust to focus on any part of the sewing machine or fabric you are sewing. Even light dispersion illuminates the whole workspace and prevents eye fatigue.

You just need to press the power button for a few seconds to adjust the brightness of the LED light. You can set the brightness to 100%, 75%, 50%, or 25%. Its LED bulb is built to last up to 20 years. It consumes much less power than halogen and incandescent bulbs and that’s why it is a perfect sewing lamp for hobbyists.

This lamp comes with a clamp. You do not get a solid base to place it on the desk or floor. If you are okay with those drawbacks, you must consider buying Neatfl XL LED Task Lamp


  • 2200 lumens bright
  • 20 wide shade
  • Dimmable up to 4 different levels
  • User-friendly design


  • No solid base to place the lamp on a desk or the floor

9. Ominilight Adjustable LED Desk Lamp

Omnilight LED Lamp


It is one of the most stylish OTT lights for sewing you can buy today. Looking like a polished showpiece, this adjustable LED desk lamp is bright and quite flexible. You can use it to decorate the workspace and impress visitors with your crafting and decorating skills.

Its gooseneck can adjust 360°. You can focus the light from multiple angles to get a perfect view of the fabric you are stitching. You can dim the light to 3 brightness levels and get the brightness that soothes your eyes.

This desk lamp produces a flicker-free light beam. It won’t affect your eyesight and it will certainly reduce eye strain. Therefore, you should shortlist this beautiful desk lamp to find the best sewing light.


  • Impressive shape and design
  • 3 adjustable brightness levels
  • Easy to control and operate


  • It may move due to machine vibration

10. Dylviw Magnifying Glass Lamp

Magnifying Glass Lamp for Sewing


The Dylviw Magnifying Glass Lamp comes with a heavy base holder that also works as a stable clamp. It is perfect to work on miniature designs, complex repair works, sewing and other desk jobs.

This desk lamp got a built-in magnifying lens that offers a clearer view to complete complex design works flawlessly. You can adjust the brightness to 3 different levels and rotate its flexible head to any position you want.


  • Metal gooseneck
  • Sturdy clamp
  • Hands-free operation


  • It is not as stable as other sewing floor lamps and desk lamps are


Many floor lamps and desk lamps are available to brighten up the workspace. We have picked top 10 best sewing lights with features that make sewing, stitching and crafting more entertaining. Assess the described features carefully and you will make a well-informed decision.

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