Top 9 Best Sewing Chairs for Home or Business

People that have sitting jobs for long hours know how it’s like to work while sitting in an uncomfortable position all day long. But, when it comes to sewing, where you need to bring out your creativity and vision to life, you must sit comfortably to let your creativity flow.

However, an ordinary chair that most people use will make your sitting experience worse, and not to mention the lower back and neck pain. That is why you must invest in a quality sitting chair that makes your working experience more like a pleasure instead of a chore.

There are a few things you should look out for when buying a sewing chair, but the two main characteristics of a good quality sewing chair that are the most important are; it will help us avoid fatigue and back pain, as these are the two main factors stopping us from doing our work. However, choosing the right sewing chair is not an easy task, especially when the options are so diverse for sewing chairs.

When you look for the best sewing chair on the internet, you will be presented with hundreds of kinds of chairs. It’s not a good idea to just buy any sewing chair without knowing what the other products are offering, but reviewing every single sewing chair on the market will take centuries. 

That is why we have curated a list of the top ten best sewing chairs on the internet. We have selected these ten sewing chairs after researching everything about sewing chairs. By understanding, how a sewing chair causes fatigue and back pain, and what features are necessary for a sewing chair not to cause fatigue and pain, we have come to the conclusion of these ten best chairs for sewing. We judged every single chair for sewing based on the following factors – 

  • The first thing we notice about a chair is its dimensions or size. Dimensions are a really important factor to consider when buying a sewing chair. It’s important because the dimensions of the chair will decide if you can fit in it comfortably and if it will fit in your in the work spot of your room.
  • The height of a chair is as important as its dimensions. To avoid back pain, we should choose a chair, which is suitable to our own height.
  • The weight of the chair and the weight capacity of the chair are also critical to consider when buying a sewing chair,
  • When investing in a quality chair for sewing, adjustability is another common feature people look for in a chair. Adjustable height and adjustable tilt are the two most important features of a chair that makes our sitting experience better.
  • The materials used in a chair also need to be taken into account for the better judgment of a chair because the materials decide the durability and quality of a chair. 
  • Some other extra features help decide between two similar kinds of chairs.

So, keeping these factors in mind, here is the list of the top ten best sewing chairs, in no ranking order.

1. Reliable SewErgo 200SE Ergonomic Task Chair


If your main goal is comfort and healthy back support, when buying a chair for sewing, the Reliable SewErgo 200SE Ergonomic Task Chair is probably the best option. As the name suggests, this chair highly ergonomic, and many users of this chair have confirmed their claim.

If features like secret storage compartment, casters, and impressive design are what you gravitate towards more, then this chair is not for you. However, this chair is a lifesaver for people who are concerned about their back health or people who are already dealing with back pain along with other discomforts.

Starting with adjustable height and back support that lets you adjust the chair according to you and your work environment. Then we have the contoured cushions added on the seat and the back of the chair as well for excellent lumbar support.

You can even tilt the backrest, as there are three adjustable settings for that so, you can set it up according to your preferences. There is also something called the waterfall seat edge, which according to some users provides a more comfortable sitting experience when working for long hours.

It is quite a large chair compared to others, so you need to take into account the amount of space it’ll occupy in your room. That is why you need to consider the dimensions of this chair, which are 23 x 21 x 40 inches. It also has the most common weight limit threshold of 250 pounds.

The Reliable SewErgo 200SE Ergonomic Task Chair is manufactured with 62 percent of recycled polyester in Canada, which means you are supporting the environment if you buy this chair. It is a noble initiative by SewErgo to preserve the resources of our nature and use recycled materials.

Along with all this goodness, Reliable SewErgo 200SE Ergonomic Task Chair also offers 2-5 years of warranty, which is quite rare for chairs, but then again, the price is high as well.


  • Height and back adjustment features for comfortable sitting.
  • Lumbar back support to keep your back healthy.
  • It offers a 2-5 year warranty.
  • Made with 62 percent recycled polyester material.


  • Very expensive.
  • The chair does not have any casters.

2. Arrow Adjustable Height Hydraulic Sewing Chair


The Arrow Adjustable Height Hydraulic Sewing Chair is on top of our list for several reasons. One of them and the most prominent of them is its design. It has a Riley Blake Sewing Notions fabric inspired design that makes it stand out among all the other options.

However, its stylish and creative design is not the main reason why it’s on our list. Some of the other factors that have contributed to making this chair one of the best are its adjustable height and comfortable cushion. You can effortlessly adjust the height of this chair with intuitive controls.

You can set the height according to your needs to work in the most comfortable position possible. The cushions of the Arrow Adjustable Height Hydraulic Sewing Chair provide great relief and comfort as well. It is a wonderful feature for people who needs lumbar support. 

For the people who need to consider the space it’ll take, here are the dimension of this chair; 5 x 18 x 33 inches. It also has a weight capacity of 250 pounds, which is what most chairs offer.

Some other extra features that add to the goodness of this chair and make it stand out are the casters attached to it and the secret storage compartment under the cushion. There are a total of five casters attached to the chair that helps you to swing around your room without having to leave your chair.

It is an added beneficial feature that may convince you to choose this chair over others. Previous users of Arrow Adjustable Height Hydraulic Sewing Chair have also mentioned how well the casters work. According to them, the casters can easily glide on both hard and soft surfaces like a floor or on a carpet.

The other feature, the secret storage compartment under the cushion can add more value to your sewing experience on this chair. You can use this storage compartment in multiple useful ways that will make your work easier. For example, you can keep all your important tools and accessories related to sewing under your cushion if you don’t have a sewing cabinet.


  • Adjustable height and comfortable cushion for a better sitting experience.
  • Five quality casters are attached for easy gliding on any kind of surface.
  • Secret compartment under the cushion for extra storage.


  • It’s quite expensive compared to other chairs.

3. Arrow Sewing Cabinet Sewing Notions Chair

Arrow Adjustable Height Hydraulic Sewing and Craft Chair Wicked Cosplay Upholstery
Arrow Adjustable Height Hydraulic Sewing and Craft Chair Wicked Cosplay Upholstery


If you like the Arrow Adjustable Height Hydraulic Sewing Chair, but you are low on budget, then this could be your second option. The Arrow Sewing Cabinet Sewing Notions Chair is from the same company.

Both chairs look the same as well. Not only do they look the same, but they have some of the same features as well. Once again, the design of this chair is what catches the eye of people. There are sewing doodle-type designs drawn across the entire surface of the chair, which makes it even better as it will complement your sewing workplace. 

Just like the Arrow Adjustable Height Hydraulic Sewing Chair, this one is also small in size; 16 x 18 x 30 inches, to be specific. The seat is quite wide, which makes it versatile for all kinds of people. The manufacturers claim that it has a weight limit of 250 pounds, which is what most chair offers.

The cushions in this chair are made up of heavy-duty cotton upholstery fabric, which is really comfortable and easy to spot clean. The Arrow Sewing Cabinet Sewing Notions Chair also has a decent height that is well suited for most people.

However, unlike the other model, it has no height adjustability feature, which can make or break the deal for some people. Lastly, a similar feature that this chair has is the secret storage compartment under the seat. It’s always a valuable addition to any chair to have extra storage space somewhere in the chair.

Previous users of this Arrow Sewing Cabinet Sewing Notions Chair are very impressed with it. Some are impressed with the fabric, some are impressed with the comfort, some are impressed with the additional storage compartment, and most are impressed with the stylish look of this chair.


  • The cushion is made up of heavy-duty cotton upholstery fabric.
  • Stylish look and design.
  • Secret storage compartment under the seat for additional storage space.
  • Quite comfortable considering the absence of a height adjustment feature.


  • No height adjustment feature.
  • Not everyone will like the design as it’s too feminine.

4. HON ValuTask Task Stool 


The HON ValuTask Task Stool is a kind of chair that you will mostly see in offices. Even though this chair offers some of the best features for an ergonomic chair, it is still surprisingly very affordable. It has a sharp professional geometrical design, the kind that you’ll see in offices, and it’s made with the best materials for durability.

The dimensions of this chair are 27 x 27 x 48 inches with a seat of 8 x 19.8 inches. It has a weight limit of 250 pounds, which most of you might have already guessed. What makes the HON ValuTask Task Stool amazingly comfortable to sit on and work for hours is the backrest height and tilt adjustment settings.

You can not only adjust the tilt of the backrest of your chair but with the pneumatic lift, you can even adjust the height. It allows you to set the chair according to your body size and preferences, which makes it one of the best ergonomic chairs on this list.

You can also attach an optional armrest if you need more support for your upper body. It also comes with a ring footrest for a more comfortable sitting experience.

The HON ValuTask Task Stool also offers a five-year warranty, which is rare in this price range. You can effortlessly and quickly assemble this chair with the help of a hex key that they provide.

Finally, to complete the package of the ‘best value for your money, it comes with firmly padded wheels that help in gliding the chair on hard surfaces and carpets as well. Casters will always be an extra feature, but it’s always a great addition to an already tremendous chair.

According to users who have been using this chair for years now claims that the firm pad around the wheels is still intact and in good shape, which signals the quality and durability of this chair.


  • One of the best ergonomic and most comfortable chairs.
  • It comes with attached wheels and easy to assemble.
  • Adjustable height and tilt options make it even more comfortable to sit on it for hours.


  • Some users claim that the paddings are a little too firm.

5. Alvin DC310-40 Prestige Artist/Drafting Chair


The Alvin DC310-40 Prestige Artist/Drafting Chair is one of the best when it comes to providing an ergonomic experience. The chair has a lot of interesting features, and its users have also left a lot of interesting feedback on this chair that will further help us to decide its value. 

Starting, the dimensions of the chair are 2 x 13 x 26.1 inches, and its seat dimensions are 19 x 18 inches. Unfortunately, there is no specified weight limit mentioned in the product description. The chair is made up of materials that keep it sturdy and firm even after years of use, which means that the Alvin DC310-40 Prestige Artist/Drafting Chair is highly durable.

The Alvin DC310-40 Prestige Artist/Drafting Chair comes with adjustable height and a tiltable backrest option, which is what makes this chair one of the best ergonomic chairs. You can adjust the height and depth of the backrest to sit in the perfect position according to your body size to avoid fatigue and back pain.

It allows you to sit on it and work for hours without feeling any pain or strain in your back, which is a common problem people face while sewing for long hours. However, according to some users, the backrest slowly gives up and sinks over time.

There is also a ring footrest attached to the chair, which is really durable and sturdy. It enhances the comfort of the chair one step further, as any kind of person with any body size can benefit from the combined height control and footrest features.


  • Adjustable height and adjustable backrest depth help in avoiding fatigue and back pain.
  • The ring footrest allows you to put your feet on it for an extra level of comfort.
  • It is easy to install and can double as a desk chair.


  • The durability of the backrest is questionable, as some users reported it sinking over time.

6. Lorell High-Back Multi-Task Chair 


The Lorell High-Back Multi-Task Chair is another ergonomic chair with unique and effective features that set it apart from all the other chairs in the market. If you are prone to back pain or lower back pain while sewing for long hours, the Lorell High-Back Multi-Task Chair might be the thing you are looking for in your sewing job. The chair looks like an office chair while maintaining a clean yet stylish look.

The dimensions of this chair are 7 x 25.4 x 17.9 inches. Unfortunately, the seat dimensions for this chair are not provided in the product description. However, judging by its overall size, you can expect the seat dimensions to be similar to an average ergonomic office chair.

It has a weight limit of 225 pounds, which slightly less than most of the other chairs on this list. However, 25 pounds will hardly make any difference. The frame of this chair is pretty strong and durable as it is made with 100% acrylic.

The Lorell High-Back Multi-Task Chair provides excellent lumbar support, as the curve shape of the backrest will perfectly replicate the shape of your spine. Speaking of the backrest, it has tiltable options and a tension mechanism, which allows you to set the chair according to your body size. It also has the option of swiveling 360 degrees, which is a nice little addition to an already quality chair.

The feature that sets the Lorell High-Back Multi-Task Chair apart from others is its adjustable armrest, which can be adjusted in height as well as in width. A feature like this provides an extra level of comfort and support to your spine and helps you avoid any back pain. However, some users have mentioned that the armrest can become wobbly after some time.


  • The frame of the chair is made with 100% acrylic.
  • It has a curved backrest for enhanced support of your spine.
  • Adjustable armrest for better customization.
  • Ability to swivel 360 degrees.


  • According to some users, the armrest gets wobbly after some time.

7. Boss Office Products B325-BE Perfect Posture Delux


The Boss Office Products B325-BE Perfect Posture Delux is among those chairs that offer way too much value at a surprisingly low price. If you are looking for a chair with lumbar support for your back pain issues and provides a decent amount of comfort that lets you work for hours, all while not breaking your bank, then this is the one for you.

The dimensions of this chair are 25 x 17.5 x 40 inches, and the dimensions of the seat are 5 x 16.5 inches. It has a weight capacity of 250 pounds, which some of you may not have expected considering the price of it.

A microfiber cover has been used for the seat of this chair that is very soft and easy to clean. Speaking of the seat, this chair has a waterfall seat design that reduces stress when sitting for long hours.

It has multiple other impressive features like adjustable backrest depth, which lets you adjust the depth or tilt of your backrest, pneumatic height adjustment for regulating the chair’s height.

Another positive points of this chair are that it’s very easy to assemble and set up. Previous users claim that 15 minutes is all it takes to assemble and set up the chair for use. It also has casters that allow it to move and glide easily on hard, soft, or rough surfaces. 

However, apart from all the positive points of this chair, this chair does have some negatives as well that may make you think twice before buying it. One of these negatives is that taller people or people with broader hips have complained that this chair is not comfortable for them as well. In simple words, this chair is not compatible with all body types.


  • Soft materials have been used for seats for maximum comfort.
  • Height and tilt adjustability options.
  • Casters to help easily glide the chair around your room.
  • Available at a really affordable price considering the features, quality, and value it provides.


  • Not suitable for all body types, especially for tall people.

8. Modway Attainment Drafting Chair 


The Modway Attainment Drafting Chair is known for providing the best adjustable height options. It is one of the best chairs for sewing as it provides the maximum level of comfort while sitting on, which you’ll need when working on sewing projects. The secret behind the level of comfort it provides is its features, the materials used, and the quality of this product.

The dimensions of this chair are 5 x 26.5 x 51.5 inches, and the seat dimensions are 5 x 20 inches. Surprisingly, this chair has a weight limit of 330 pounds, which is very unlikely in most chairs, as most chairs only provide a weight limit of 250 pounds. So, if you are a heavy person, then this chair can prove to be useful for you.

There are padded waterfall mesh seats used for this chair, which most users claim is comfortable and helps in keeping the right sitting posture. The same breathable padded mesh is used in the backrest, which is comfortable even in the summer. Lastly, it has a chrome-plated foot ring, which doesn’t easily get rusted. 

Modway Attainment Drafting Chair is more on the heavier side of chairs, so you might get disappointed if you are looking for light-weight chairs. However, the chair does have castes that let you easily glide the chair across your room.

It has all the other necessary features for an ergonomic chair, such as the flip-up armrest, seat tilt, and tension control, along with the best range for height setting in the market. Modway is known for the standards of its product and materials used in its products. That is why this chair may very well impress you the most.


  • Top-quality materials used in the chair.
  • It helps you in keeping a good posture with their lumber support design and features.
  • It provides the best height range in the market.


  • It may not impress you if you are looking for chairs that are light in weight.

9. AmazonBasics Low-Back Task/Desk Chair


The AmazonBasics Low-Back Task/Desk Chair not only just looks like an office chair, but it is one. Originally marketed as an office chair, the AmazonBasics Low-Back Task/Desk Chair is used among a variety of people for different uses.

So, there is no doubt that you can use this chair for sewing as well. It is probably the cheapest option on the list, but with less price, you will get less quality and fewer features. However, not everything is negative about this chair. There are some positives as well that might convince you to consider it as well.

The dimensions of this chair are 5 x 21.5 x 34.5 inches, which is pretty small compared to other chairs. The seat dimensions are 2 x 19 inches, which is once again pretty little, and a person with a relatively large build may not find this chair comfortable at all. It has a fairly good weight limit of 225 pounds.

A breathable mesh backrest with a curve helps in keeping your back shape and spine in the correct posture. You can swivel the seat as well, which is a pretty good addition of a feature. 

It has a pneumatic lift, which allows you to adjust the height according to your preference. Surprisingly, users and reviewers have stated that this chair is extremely durable and can stand the test of time, which is a pretty big deal because most of the other chairs in this price range do not last long for more than a few months. Lastly, the assembly of this chair is very easy.


  • Mesh backrest and thick padded foam seat for the comfortable sitting experience.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Easy assembly and set up.
  • Low price


  • It feels and looks weak as if it’s gonna break.
  • Not suitable for tall people or big people.

Sewing Chair Buying Guide 

To buy the best chair for sewing at the best price, you must know what makes a sewing chair one of the best. To know that, you have to know the features and factors that come into play in making a chair effective.

Most people invest their money in a good chair for several reasons, such as comfort while working, to avoid fatigue and back pain while working for long hours, and to make their overall working experience better.

To achieve the mentioned goals, one must know about all the different factors and features that help you achieve these goals. That is why we have written a full buying guide for the best chair for sewing so that you don’t make the wrong choice when buying a chair.

Factors to consider to choose the best sewing table according to your needs

The following is a list of the most important factors and features for a chair to be comfortable, support your back, avoid fatigue, and make your working experience better. Some features of these chairs are relevant from person to person, as everyone has different needs and preferences. Knowing about these features and how it adds value to your work will help you decide what you want.

Dimensions of a chair

The dimensions of a chair are a relatively less important factor; however, we can not ignore them. Depending on your workspace, you may need a chair that takes up less space, or you may not have a lack of space, and any size would work.

The dimensions and size of a chair become quite an important factor when a person with either smaller than average or bigger than average build is looking for a chair. In that case, you would want a chair that you can fit in without any inconvenience. 


The height of a chair is one out of the two most important factors when buying a chair for sewing, especially for people who are looking for a solution to their back pain. Mostly, you should choose a chair of the same height as your legs.

What this allows us to do is to keep your legs and feet in a natural position without causing any strain or stretch on your lower back, calf muscles, or thighs. Of course, there are chairs with adjustable height settings. It’s always worth it to buy a chair with adjustable height settings, as it will give you more freedom and options.


The backrest is the other one out of the two most important factors when buying a chair for sewing, but why is it so important? Well, the backrest is the part of the chair that supports your back and your posture, which is responsible for the health of your spine and back.

There are a lot of different kinds of backrest features and options for the best support for your back and spine.

The most basic feature of any backrest is to provide lumbar support, which helps in keeping the right posture for your body. Some models go one step further and provide depth and height adjustability for the backrest. If you are serious about your work and your back health, then investing in these chairs with these advanced features will be worth it.

Weight Capacity

Weight capacity is a crucial factor to consider, but luckily most chairs for sewing provide the same weight limit, which is 250 pounds. Even if a chair has more or less weight limit than 250 pounds, the differences are mostly too minor to notice. However, if you are a heavy person, or if you think that you need the chair with the highest weight limit, then the Modway Attainment Drafting Chair is the one that provides a weight limit of 330 pounds.


The materials used in the upholstery or frame of the chair matters as it signals us about the possible durability, comfort, and ease of use. Most chairs for sewing in this list consist of materials like cotton, vinyl, or mesh, with the mesh being the most common one. You can do a little research to know which material will suit you according to your workplace, the climate you live in, and many other factors.

Wheels and Swiveling

At first thought, wheels and swiveling seem like irrelevant features that have no crucial role in making a chair the best for sewing. However, if you are investing in a quality chair for sewing, then it’s always a good idea to spend a little more of your money on these features, as these are the kind of products that you don’t buy now and then.

A chair with wheels also has some cool benefits, especially if you have to move around your room a lot. These wheels under your chair will help you move across the room without the need for you to get up from your chair.

Swiveling is also a cool feature that helps in the free movement of your body and chair. That is why you should invest in these little but significant features when buying the best chair for sewing, but if you are a hundred percent sure that you don’t need these features, then it can help you save some extra dollars.

Extra Features

Hidden storage compartment, breathable material for cool temperature and comfortable cushions, warranties, etc. are all part of extra features that are not essential but can help you make a decision. Some of these features are more important than others according to the different needs of different people. Whatever it is, you should always find out if a chair is providing any extra features that may make a difference in your sewing job.

How to prevent back pain while sewing?

Back pain or specifically lower back pain is a common problem with people that have a sitting job. To prevent this, you must sit with a straight natural posture with a height that allows your hand to be at an angle of 90 degrees when placed on your table.

Along with this, make sure there is a little space between your thigh and the end of the chair. While sewing, we tend to hunch over, which automatically forces your spine to stretch, and stretch in muscles of your spine is the reason why you feel back pain. That is why a chair that supports your back and helps keep you in the correct posture is so crucial.

Sewing Chair FAQ

Q. How do I stop my chair from squeaking? 

If your chair starts to make squeaking sounds, this means there are some loose screws, nuts, or bolts. It’s really easy to fix, all you need is a screwdriver or wrench. Find out which screw is loose by taking a good look at the chair. You can even turn the chair upside down for a better view. By the way, if you are tightening a loose screw, it’s a good idea to lubricate it with or grease or something.

Q. What tools will I need for assembly?

The only tool you need will be supplied to you in the box, which is a hex key.

Q. Should a sewing chair come with armrests?

It’s a subjective opinion as some people think an armrest provides extra comfort when working, while others think it’s distracting. That is why a chair like the HON ValuTask Task Stool is a great choice because it comes with an optional armrest.

Q. How do I make my chair more comfortable?

There are a lot of factors that contribute to making a chair more comfortable, but you can always get extra cushions made with soft quality materials for more comfort.

Final Verdict

As we mentioned before, the best chair for sewing is the one that solves your problems. That is why it is a subjective matter on which is the best chair for sewing. After knowing all the factors and features of what makes a chair great, you can choose the chair that fits your preferences and needs by yourself. However, our favorite chair for sewing from this list is the Reliable SewErgo 200SE Ergonomic Task Chair.

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