Janome HD1000BE Review

If you’re in shop for a heavy-duty sewing machine, consider taking a look at Janome HD1000BE heavy duty sewing machine. At 17 pounds, this machine will give you enough footprint and stability to not have skipped stitches and other problems associated with lighter sewing machines that tend to move around a little while working on them.

At a modest price, Janome hd1000 does not sacrifice features, durability and build quality like other products in similar price range do.

What Features Does the Janome HD1000 offer?

This machine has regular stretch and utility stretch along with 12 other built-in stitches that you’re likely to use. Not only that, but if you’re the type of Sewer (is there an official name for people who sew, lol?) who likes to add a flair to your creations or repair clothing easily, there’s a pretty simple 4 step buttonhole setting.

Other mention-worthy features of Janome HD1000:

  • Included in the price is an arm to help you sew pants, collars, cuffs and other similar stuff with ease
  • Attaching buttons, stippling, and darning is easy with the included drop-feed
  • To make your life as a Sewer even easier, automatic needle threader is also included in the package. No more eye or neck strain before the job.
  • To strengthen your stitches, you can make use of the reverse lever which allows you to stitch backward which is especially useful if you intend your project to be washing-machine durable

Few comments on build quality: 

The machine is made out of cast aluminum (something similar is used for aircraft) internally and externally so it packs some weight and definitely won’t move around even when thicker materials like leather are sown. Yes, you can use this sewing machine to sew leather. It is strong and durable enough for the job.

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Known issues 

If you’re not careful (which might happen when you’re paying all the attention to sewing) the clutch pedal may slip from beneath your foot and break, you might want to seek a return if that ever happens though. Another issue is with the automatic threader – we noticed some bobbin issues: The regular bobbins insert nice and easy, but your custom bobbins can jam up every so often. If something breaks, you can always make use of the 25-year limited warranty.

Do we recommend the Janome HD1000 sewing machine? 

While there are some drawbacks, we think that this product is a good bang for your buck. You will be able to get most of the sewing jobs done with ease as this machine packs a punch and has plenty of good qualities. If you’re looking for a reliable workhorse for your future projects, this might very well be it.

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